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Software Developer
Data Scientist


Engineering Manager / Data Science Team Lead

Khan Academy
  • Led a team of five Data Scientist/Engineers (two existing and two new hires), including 1:1s, work scheduling and performance reviews
  • Organized staffing and mentored tech leads for several large product initiatives simultaneously
  • Managed the 2015/16 summer internship programs from mentor training and check-ins with interns to sending return offers

Master of Information and Data Science

University of California, Berkeley
  • Comprehensive two-year professional degree program
  • Sharpened skills in statistics, machine learning, data engineering
  • In depth explorations of data visualization and data ethics
  • Graduating in December 2016

January 2015

Data Scientist and Engineer

Khan Academy

Software Engineer

Khan Academy

October 2011

Software Engineer

Cryptic Studios / Atari / Perfect World

September 2006

Graphics Programmer

Linden Research, Inc.

April 2005

Graphics Programmer

Blue Shift, Inc.

May 2004

Web Developer

Haas School of Business (UC Berkeley)

Business Manager / Graphic Artist / Contributer

Berkeley Scientific Journal

Bachelor of Arts in Pure Mathematics
Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Science

University of California, Berkeley